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The Collection – Chapter 1

This former warehouse with its ochre window and door frames, dates back to 1899. In this year, Hellingman’s Bouwmaatschappij acquired the land between the Looiersgracht and the Passeerdersstraat, which used to be the terrain of the former Hollandsche Suikerraffinaderij. The buildings of the confectionery manufacturer, which produced Klene liquorice for example, had been demolished after a fire. Entrepreneur Hellingman built warehouses and factory buildings on the terrain, that were designed by carpenter-architect Jan Lenderink.

Looiersgracht 43 is situated on the far right of several adjacent warehouses. The text on the historic plaque echoes a certain family pride: ‘The first stone has been laid on the 11th of August 1899 by C. Hellingmans Czn and C. Hellingman Jzs. Both 5 years old.’ In the second half of the previous century, the third, top floor was added. The property has an elevator and includes three parking spaces.

Looiersgracht 43 offers 1.000 m2 office space on the canal in the Amsterdam Jordaan. Here, REB realised high-end offices. Spacious office flooring with high ceilings. The beautiful secluded garden at the back of the property, outside space on both sides are development in a way that interior and exterior become one.

Investment value: € 8 million
Square meters: 1.000