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The Artesia

Imagine a triptych of 17th century properties, situated on Amsterdam’s most prestigious canal – the Herengracht has been THE place for aristocracy, wealthy merchants and the most influential regents and mayors since the Golden Age – including the accompanying buildings such as the original coach house on the adjacent Reguliersdwarsstraat and the triple-sized garden, enclosed by these historic buildings.

Then imagine that this project’s centre property, including its monumental, almost 49 ft wide façade, has been completely renovated and rebuilt in the 1960s to extend it to nearly twice its size at the back, in order to house the expansion of the neighbouring Banque de Paris et des Pays-Bas.

The Artesia will house beautiful office buildings, approximately 18 apartments, an underground parking lot and a gorgeous secluded garden. The offices and residences are connected to a heat and cold storage installation, including 17 groundwater sources at approximately 300 metres deep. These sources provide heating and cooling through the installed heat pumps. Therefore, in the offices, ceiling cooling systems have been installed. In addition, the properties and apartments have been structurally insulated using panels, insulated flooring and roofing where this was technically possible and fitting for listed buildings. Through these measures, a gasless complex has been realised reflecting energy label A.

At Herengracht 539 and 541, REB realized 3.000 m2 high-end office on the canal in Amsterdam.

Investment value: € 50 million
Square meters: 3.000