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Redevelopment of a stately canal house to 5 high-end residentials

The charm of Herengracht 132 is its rich history and striking residents throughout the centuries. The building from 1615 was originally owned by a wealthy stockfish merchant. In 1787, its new resident, silk merchant Jacob de Flines, commissioned an extensive renovation in which the stepped gables were exchanged for a straight wooden cornice with ornaments and frieze-band windows. All done in the popular Louis XVI style.

After a dramatic, devastating fire on New Year’s Eve in 2008, which spared the first floor, the property came into possession of REB and renovation started in which no expense was spared, to give this historic building back to the city.

Today, it is one of the most characteristic buildings at the Herengracht, retaining the rich ambiance of the Golden Age. The 19th century period room by architect Jan Springer, known for the Stadsschouwburg, has been fully restored. In addition, the property is richly decorated with ornaments on the stairs and discharging arches above its windows. The wall hangings by Glauber and De Lairesse have been donated to the Rijksmuseum.