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In close partnership with the municipality of Leidschendam-Voorburg, REB Projects is spearheading the transformation of the Voorburg side of Mariahoeve station into a vibrant, high-quality station area featuring residential and commercial spaces. This visionary project aims to realize approximately 35,000 – 45,000 m2 of residential apartments complemented by commercial facilities.

The existing conditions at Appelgaarde 2-4, including the outdated office building, parking fields, functionally designed bicycle shed, and the aging station, contribute to an unappealing station environment. While awaiting the demolition of the outdated structures, temporary utilization with (social) initiatives such as the Sintvoorieder1 Foundation, StudentVerhuizers, and Storage Share is underway.

Aligned with the shared vision of the developer, municipality, and government, the strategic densification and consolidation of residential and work spaces around this public transport junction are central to the redevelopment plan. The imminent transformation presents a unique opportunity to elevate the quality, liveability, attractiveness, and accessibility of the entire area. The crucial next phase involves the formulation of the ‘Spatial Framework,’ as a comprehensive guide to the future development process.

Active Community Involvement: Local residents and various stakeholders play a pivotal role in shaping the future of this dynamic precinct. Engaging the community, numerous participation sessions have been conducted, and a Liveability Effects Report, responding to resident requests, has been meticulously undertaken. This collaborative effort ensures that diverse perspectives contribute to the shaping of the area’s redevelopment.

Upcoming Milestones: The focus now shifts to the development of the ‘Spatial Framework.’ This essential document will lay the foundation for the amendment of the zoning plan in 2024/2025. Subsequently, an intensive design phase will unfold, encompassing urban development, landscape architecture, and detailed architectural plans. This process ensures a holistic and thoughtful approach to revitalizing the urban landscape, creating a sustainable and appealing environment for all.

Square meters: 35.000 – 45.000 m2