Right in the middle of one of the liveliest canal quarters in Amsterdam, REB has realised four high quality apartments. Sublime in its finishing and lay-out, with extra comfort and accessibility thanks to a recently added elevator, next to the original stairwell.

The 350-year-old Spiegelgracht, known as ‘the red carpet to the Rijksmuseum’, forms the heart of the Spiegel Quarter together with the adjacent Nieuwe Spiegelstraat. This characteristic quarter harbours countless antiques dealers, jewellers and art galleries. The short canal, that was once part of the second phase of the Amsterdam canals, is lined with various small and narrow canal houses, displaying unique monumental facades, details and ornaments.

The first designs of the current property on Spiegelgracht 21 date from 1881; here, the generously ornamented front and rear facade particularly catches the eye. Thanks to severe protests of local residents in the early 1900s, the plan to fill in the Spiegelgracht could be deterred. Partly due to this, the original appearance of this part of Amsterdam that is loved by many, has been largely preserved.

The  main  entrance  on  the  ground  floor  contains  marble  flooring  and  a  central  elevator  and  stairwell  to  each  floor.  The  attic  apartment,  situated  on  the  fourth  floor  of  the  building,  has  a  floor  area  of  approximately  76  square  meters.  This  apartment  has  a  two-bed room  lay-out,  including  one  bathroom  with  a  separate  bath,  walk-in  shower  area  and  a  single  toilet. The  apartment  features  a  large  living  room  and  an  adjacent  luxurious  fitted  open  kitchen.  Next  to  this,  the    apartment  offers  a  laundry  room, a  cloakroom  and,  if  possible,  built-in  wardrobes  and  storage  space.

The  premium  parquet  flooring  in  the  apartment  has  been  laid  in a  traditional  herringbone  pattern,  with  underfloor  heating.  The  wet  rooms  (bathroom,  toilets  and  laundry  room)  have  been  finished  with  beautiful  tiles  and  minimum  grout  joint  size.  The  property  is  completely  renovated  and  fitted  with new  installations  for  water,  electricity  and  ventilation and  include  a  built-in  gas  fire.  The  apartment  has  a  French  balcony  and  French  doors  at  the  rear  facade.  An ingenious  roof  construction  offers  phenomenal  views  of  the  Rijksmuseum.

In  short:  this  exceptionally  located  apartment  offers  spacious comfort  on  a  modest  scale.

  • € 2.475 p/m