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The Collection – Chapter 8

“The bigger the better…” The façade of this listed property, built in 1615 on the most prestigious canal in the Netherlands by the wealthy merchant Balthasar Coymans, is an impressive 14 metres wide.

Over the years, in accordance with changing fashions, a balcony and ornamental plasterwork have been added, and the original stepped gable has been replaced with a curved pediment. Various local governors followed in Coymans’ footsteps, and from 1808 to 1818 the financial institution Associatie-Cassa (now the Kas Bank) operated here. Later in the 19th century, the property housed Dominico Arata, the Italian merchant and consul of Sardinia – hence the building came to be known colloquially as “Sardinia”. Until October 2016, it served as the headquarters of the Dutch Labour Party.

Herengracht 54 features a modern extension at the back, including ample office space and an elevator for accessibility and convenience. The historic, canal-facing facade combines classic elements and contemporary offices for the best of both worlds. There is a beautiful view of the Singel through the Korsjespoortsteeg. A little further along, the Herengracht intersects the Brouwersgracht and the bustling Haarlemmerstraat, which abounds with shops, restaurants and cafés of every stripe. All human life is here.

Herengracht 54 offers  1.600m2 office space on the canal in the Amsterdam.  With its eye for monumental quality, REB will upgrade these office buildings to a modern office space available for single as well as multi-tenant use. The delivery is scheduled in the second quarter of 2022. For further information on the Collection, please visit

Investment value: € 12 million
Square meters: 1.600